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Every Vote Counts!

You may think that just your one vote doesn't matter, but your wrong! Every single vote counts as many elections can come down to a few votes!

Be entered in the lottery!

By casting your voting in the Fort Myers General Election you are entered in the 5,000 dollar lottery!

Have Your Voice Heard!

Have any issues that you see in Fort Myers and you want to see change? Research the candidates to see who best represents your beliefs!

Comments From People Who Vote

I never really ever voted in my life but after being informed on how important it was and doing my reaserch. I vote every year!

You may think your vote dosn't count but I assure you it does! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

I was sick of seeing the Caloosahatchee river being polluted every year! I voted for a mayor that would take a stand against this!